Spring Clean Your Shared Closet

You thought it was hard enough keeping your closet clean before you combined households but this is getting ridiculous, right? My closet is so packed that I break hangers trying to pull out my clothing to get dressed for the day. Forget being able to plan outfits. There’s no room to see what I can mix and match up.


1. The Purge

I dread giving up anything, especially the smaller sized favorites I am working my way back into. Take a look anyway and get rid of anything you don’t want or is too worn out. The best rule of thumb is to ditch it if you haven’t worn it in a year. Anything in that ditch pile that isn’t stained or torn can be donated!

2. Divvy It Up

Ugh, you mean I can’t just give him a token 10% and call that good? Nope! Decide based on need how much space each of you should have and put up a divider. Once this is done, it’s easier to organize that space. Measuring the closet is the next essential step in order to determine the correct sizes for everything from rods, to shelves and baskets.

3. Define the Space

Every closet has it’s own challenges. If you have high ceilings, double bars going completely across the closet would be ideal; he can use the top rod. Or if you have a deeper closet, extend the depth of the shelves in order to layer your items, with out-of-season clothes behind the pieces you are wearing now, in front.

4. Design the Space

Shelf dividers are a necessity.  You’ll be able to stack folded clothes together neatly and keep items from falling over when you pull something out. Another great buy is an over-the-door organizer. Do a little research and you will find one perfect for what you need. There are different sized pockets to hold items like scarves, socks, pocket books, hats or jewelry.

5. Be You

Though the main purpose is to organize, while you are at it, add some of your own personal taste. A splash of color to the walls or some DIY decor baskets. Make it a pleasure to open your closet when you are getting ready for the day.

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