“Oh Sh*t” or An Opportunity?

When things do not go your way or your normal day is all of the sudden turned upside down, do you wallow? Get pissed? Get over it? Or all of the above?

Last week my emotions ran the gambit from anxious to angry to determined to overcome obstacles. Let me tell you what went down. My hubby brings in 2/3rds of our household income. His paycheck wasn’t deposited on the Friday before last. This isn’t abnormal, unfortunately. It’s been late before. He works for a very small company that outsources payroll and we’ve had issues of it not being processed on time before. But then his paycheck didn’t arrive last Monday either. By Wednesday, I was no longer worried but downright pissed. We had bills that were overdo by then. I had taken a hard look at our finances and even though I was reigning in my spending to focus on paying down debt, we still did not have any savings to rely on. Ugh! Adulting is so hard, right???

So, I spent Thursday and Friday cutting costs on everything I could that was a recurring expense. I started with our subscriptions. Each one on it’s own was a small amount but they add up. I canceled digital viewing subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, memberships, etc. I saved quite a bit of money for us but we won’t see it reflect in our budget till next month’s billing cycle. In the mean time, a whole week had passed by and we had been told twice that he was going to be paid that day… Finally, hubby’s paycheck was deposited 8 days late. It was a scary ordeal but it was also an eye opener. We need to at least have one month’s worth of bills saved in the bank.

Looking back on these last ten days has caused me to shake my head. 40 years old and I’m still floundering; trying to find my way to stable ground. Life is fluid. There is no stable ground. I’m just trying to prepare for the next waterfall.

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