Is Coconut Sugar An Acceptable Sweetener Compared To Splenda?

There is a long standing battle between my hubby and me about artificial sweeteners. I am pro Splenda because I looooooooooove sugar but I’m diabetic. Hubby, on the other hand, believes I will die tomorrow of cancer or a brain tumor due to my choice. I concede that I probably use more Splenda than the average consumer but my body rejects bland food. Bwahahaha! Ok…ok. Seriously though, I won’t eat crap without my Splenda. I gave up salt for goodness sake! Isn’t that healthy enough?

Food fads are common for me. I fall in love with something and must eat it pretty much every single day. I was once in love with couscous. I ate a box almost every day and started buying a few in every grocery run. Just as fast as it started, I decided I hated the sight of it. In the mean time, I had a dozen boxes in the pantry that were never eaten. I mention my curious love/hate relationship with food because currently, I am in love with Coco Wheats. A couple packets of Splenda would probably be enough for others but I pour it on, irritating my hubby every single time. It’s been about a month since my affinity of Coco Wheats began and since this fad has outlasted many other, hubby has taken to suggesting sugar alternatives again.

Today, hubby sent me a message about coconut sugar. Apparently, coconut sugar is a great substitute for table sugar, even for baking. What makes it better is that it has a lower number on the glycemic index. Blood sugar won’t raise as quickly or as high compared to table sugar. While is is not a zero calorie alternative, it is healthier than artificial sweetener so I’ve decided to give it a try.

I made some delicious cardamom buns using coconut sugar for breakfast. The whole family loved them!

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