Holidays are always a time to be spent with family for us. We like to have people over, play games, and have a bonfire if it’s that time of year.

Halloween 2016

This year we had a surprise family visit a couple weeks before Halloween. We all went to church and cooked out


We invited friends over for a Halloween party and decorated our home. I had never decorated much before for Halloween so I had to take a video of it. We had fun putting it all together.


Summertime always brings weddings it seems. Our family is pretty close and we love just joking around and being funny. Here’s the Eschtruth parents and us.


Independence Day

This year we had some friends and family over for a bonfire. It was quiet but lots of fun.



There are usually a couple dinners to go to for Easter and I usually make some special Easter cakes for them.


The New Year

We never do much for New Year’s because we don’t want to be out on the icy roads with other drivers that could have been irresponsible that night. We usually play some games and watch the ball drop. Brad will have friends over sometimes. We always have a toast at midnight; non-alcoholic of course, so everyone can participate.



We usually go to a few parties since we have a very large extended family. Christmas parties are often at our parent’s houses, the church, and the local VFW Hall. We have a long standing tradition of baking a ton of goodies to give out each year. I’ve baked over 20 different kinds of cookies for one Christmas more than a couple times. I love to bake and this is my favorite time of year. We try to find a local play to attend and we always go out driving around to see the Christmas Lights. On Christmas Eve we enjoy our own special family tradition of building gingerbread houses. We try to see all our family before or on Christmas Eve so that we can stay home on Christmas Day and enjoy spending quality family time with each other and relax.



Some of our cousins get together in Frankenmuth, MI to eat dinner at Zender’s and walk around the town every year. We visit Bronner’s and Michigan’s Own Military & Space Museum to visit our a cousin’s memorial. It’s a tradition we never miss. Sometimes, we won’t see these cousins for several months so it’s best not to miss an opportunity. We also have traditional Thanksgiving dinner with our parents every year. Who’s house we go to is a gamble but we always have fun.