Our Family

Our Family


Cody is a self proclaimed computer geek whose hobbies are heavily vested in technology related gadgets. When Cody isn’t tinkering with his computer, phone or some other electronic device, archery, video games, 3D printing, laser engraving, photography, and Jeeps. When asked what he wants for the future, Cody replied, “I want the opportunity to live a long prosperous life, hand and hand with the love of my life and cherish the moments with my family. I also want to travel and explore new things to keep my mind active and healthy.”


 As a teen, I always thought I would have a large family. Without understanding the responsibility involved, I had my heart set on twelve children (might have had something to do with the movie Cheaper By The Dozen). My only child, Brad, has been the meaning of life for 17 years now. My drive to succeed in my career arose from the need to provide for my family and I aspire to be a role model he can follow.

My hobbies include crochet and knitting, baking, and crafts. I love off-roading with my family and I have started to learn archery. Cody has been teaching us both. I’m not into video games much but I love Guitar Hero and I really enjoy playing board/card games with my family.


Brad is outgoing and makes friends easily. He is working toward his high school diploma. He plans on going to college to be a lawyer. Reminds me of myself at his age. Brad is huge into gaming. He loves playing the latest games to the point that Xbox actually pays him in points each month for his gaming accomplishments. We lived in a couple major cities when he was younger so he has friends he plays with online from old schools and neighborhoods and it is a fun way to spend time with them. Brad likes driving the Jeep when we go off-roading. He is also learning archery with the rest of the family.

Extended Family

These are some of our closest family on the Dean side. We took these pictures at Grandma Dean’s 90th birthday party.



Thanksgiving in 2015 was so much fun! We actually ran outside and made snowmen because it was snowing so hard we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here’s a picture from my parent’s house that day.



We always have four Christmas parties to go to or have at our home each year.

Waugh Christmas:10398646_10153847805606719_3214837029151141593_n

Dean Christmas:921338_10153862759536719_2227570878534352936_o

We play a lot of games, do a cookie exchange, and just visit with relatives we may only see once a year at a couple of these parties. The other two are always just our closest family members.