Ever Present Battle With Instant Gratification

Sitting in my office, taking a break from work, I decide to check my email…

The Spring lineup, direct from the NYC runway, is here! Hurry!!! Buy one or more outfits now before they sell out FOREVER…

What makes you reach for your pocket book? Is it electronics, music, or gourmet food? We all feel the pull to spend more money. It’s easy to spend beyond my budget. Too easy. We all want.

I’m trying to decrease spending on items not in the budget and most of that comes from impulse buying. Most of my temptations arrive in my email so I started cleaning that up. I unsubscribed from almost all sales companies that spam my inbox. I kept some, such as my crafting subscriptions. I’m not perfect and I’m not striving to eliminate all spending. That’s not a realistic goal for me. I do want to get a handle on it though.

The biggest financial eye opener for me was adding up the total amount of debt my hubby and I owe. When I planned this month’s budget, I went to the extra effort to include total balance owed on all our accounts on my spreadsheet. The sum was jaw dropping. It included our vehicles and house as well but it was much more than I expected. I then took the time to figure out how long it would be before we could be debt free if we paid a little extra each month. This was a great start.

How would you start reigning in expenses?

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